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You can buy my CDs of original folk songs at

Helping to Venue Manage and run Events 
and Sing/Perform, at various points over the weekend.
of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 
26-29 May 2023

7.30 - 8 pm Friday 26 May -Marquee
Two of my songs, written for Chester Folk Festival,
'A Song for Chester Folk Festival' - sung by me
'Songs of The Truth' - sung by Dave Vaughan
will be part of this opening event.

5.30-7.30 Saturday 27 May - Methodist Church
two hours for everyone to sing their songs on this theme
Compares Dave Vaughan and Charlotte Peters Rock

5pm  6.30 pm Monday 29 may -Methodist Church
I will have another newly written song to sing for this event.


15 February 2022 - (private group)
Talk on RAF Cranage
Second World War Airfield in the depths of Cheshire, 
from which young men from right across the world, 
flew at night to protect the whole of the North West of England, 
and the docks at Liverpool and Salford, from German Bombers.

18 February 2022 - 20-22.30
30 minute Performance of my own songs
in conjunction with three other local songwriters.
Royal British Legion, Davenham, Northwich.

26 February 2002
Hoole Community Centre
12noon -24 midnight
Running Singaround and helping generally


Something brewing at 
Helping to run events and Sing/Perform, at various points over the weekend.
of Friday, Saturday, Sunday 
27-28 May 2022

My fourth presentation of:
" The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo"
Sat 6 pm 28 May 2022
"A one-woman performance with the inimitable Charlotte Peters Rock 
telling the heart wrenching tale of the starving handloom weavers
 of Greater Manchester slaughtered at a peaceful march to St Peter’s Field."
for Sunday, I also have a new song to include within the 
'Family Matters' general performance, called, 
'Whole World Family'.
"Family Matters! (Sun 6 pm 29 May 2022)

"The theme for this year’s customary concert for local musicians is 
‘Family Matters’ 
and we’re looking forward to the usual fabulous variety of material 
performed by our favourite local artists"

Be a Friend of Chester Folk Festival
Join us for a great weekend's entertainment.

11 June 2022 - 11.30am
"The History of Climate Change"
performing songs of climate change 

11 July - 13 August 2022
At Knutsford Library, there will be an Exhibition of work in connection with 
Knutsford & District War Memorial
Its Centenary of Opening being
02 August 1922-2022
(also, watch for the date of a Talk/performance 
at Knutsford Library during this time.)
We also intend to Commemorate the grand Community achievement of its building and support, down decades, by generations of local people, 
who lost their loved ones in wars not of their making. 
On 02 August 2022, the front lawn will be a place of picnic, 
by the residents of the 18 Parishes, 
in and around Knutsford, whose forebears built their war memorial 
on a piece of land donated only for that purpose. 
We still use our War Memorial as our place of Remembrance.
In spite of that, British Red Cross is selling it for demolition.
We believe no Secretary of State for Health had the remit 
to take 'A War Memorial'; nor to sell it on, covertly. 
It should have been returned under  Community Trust, 
as soon as the NHS had finished with its hospital use. 
We want it returned to this community under a Community Trust.
Do join us at 6pm on Tuesday 02 August 2022. 
Bring your picnic and something to sit on.

25 July 2021
Performance of 
The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo 
for Festival at the Edge, at its new home,
Hopton Court, Hopton Wafers, near Kidderminster


23 February 2020 
Performance of The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo at Cato Street, for the 
200th Anniversary of 
which was directly linked to the Peterloo massacre, of the previous year.


Having written an hour long dramatico-sung performance, around the events of the Massacre, using original documents, I'm currently involved in the Commemoration of 200 years since 
The Peterloo Massacre 
took place on St Peter's Field, in the centre of Manchester.
This takes full account of its effect on the lives of ordinary peaceful hand-loom weaving families, and the yway in which the authorities thought it right to mistreat them and their children. 

I performed The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo (the song) as part of 
The Launch of Manchester Histories 
Series of Events 
across several months, 
to Commemorate the Peterloo Massacre

on St Peter's Field, Manchester on 16 August 1819

I have an hour of completely new work, a dramatico-sung performance piece,
The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo
A part of the Manchester Histories series of events. 
This perofrmance will take place on the site of The Peterloo Massacre:

18.00 - 19.00 - Thursday 25 July 2019
The Performance Space
Manchester Central Library
St Peter's Square
M2 5PD

FREE Event 
Turn up early - seats not bookable

09 November 2019
Part of the same performance of 
The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo
performed at The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester
by invitation of The National Trust



January 2015 - with ice and snow and 10 degrees.. brilliant sunsets, stars to touch.. and life moves on.

Bringing with us, memories, hopes and the ability for success.. all we need now is the time.

Friends are close - or far away - with some of them carried forward to remember forever.

So keep breathing, keep moving , keep thinking, and find the humour - uproarious or bleak - to cheer the road and share about.

It's an interesting thing: Life.

Nobody asked for it.. but here it is..Nobody wants to lose it.. but there it goes.

Only one thing to do with it: Make the best, find the unusual, strike out for the new.

Just around the corner - slightly out of sight along the road - coming in across the ether - we live in the best of times, of endless possibilities.

But others do not. Time runs down. Some time never had the width to support a full life, but only a small, agonised bit.

No room to feel depressed when sitting in comfort, singing in the night, knowing clearly where the next meal comes from. Untold millions, from the past and from now, would envy such wealth of choice.


Aspects Of The Great War - And After

Aspects Of The Great War - And After
 has just gone on display in Knutsford Library
It will remain until 19 November 2018
Do call in and read your way around

This exhibition
using the facts as known 
takes particular human stories
to highlight the human cost of war 
It also shows what decisions were made 
in the Knutsford area just as the war ended
There are little seen documents showing the original 
plans for a War Memorial - 9.30 pm
on Tuesday13 November 2018 
Knutsford Library is also running an event 
War Is Over
during which various of us will perform 
spoken and sung pieces about the times after war

'Joining up' - 'Biglands Birkenhead Bantams' - 'Refugees' - Nurses - Lads
A Family's Work of Art
The Bravery of Airman

Planning for Remembering

'How to come Back From War'


Charlotte Peters Rock - Home Page

Charlotte Peters Rock - Home Page

Reviews on my poetry and song




Pleased you called in.
'This life is a work in protest'
Lots to read on this site though.. songs, poetry. 
Sit back. Scroll down and click links. 

You will find videos of some of my work at my 
There are more on YouTube

My recordings are now available at  
Recent reviews are also available on that site.


Events - past and future

31 July 2021 - As we come back to life following the dire time of Covid, I have several new CDs, and recently gave  my hour long performance of "The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo" its third outing, at Festival at The Edge at Hopton Court. (So good to be back in live circulation.)  I have recorded an hour long CD of the complete performance.

"The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo", is available at the link above, together with a small number of Caps of Liberty/Bonnets Rouge, whose use during the French Revolutions and other conflicts, including at Peterloo, made them a famous symbol of revolutionary spirit!

The "Lifeboat Rescues" series of 4 CDs is now complete.. and available at the link above 
1 North Wales
2 Wales
3 The British Isles
4 Out From The British Isles

I have started a new series, which is called The Human Condition. The first CD is now available at the link above.
The Human Condition 1

Reviews of all 6 CDs are also available at the link above. 

2020 - This year, I'm publishing recordings about the heroism of Lifeboat crews.. beginning with 
"Lifeboat Rescues - 1 - North Wales" in September / October 2020.


During June, I have a month long Peterloo Exhibition at Knutsford Library, which may run longer. 

Thursday 25 July 2019

I'm currently involved in the Commemoration of 200 years since 
The Peterloo Massacre 
took place on St Peter's Field, in the centre of Manchester

I have an hour of completely new work, a dramatico-sung piece, called 
The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo
A part of the Manchester Histories series of events. 
It will take place on the site of The Peterloo Massacre:

18.00 - 19.00 - Thursday 25 July 2019
The Performance Space

Manchester Central Library
St Peter's Square
M2 5PD

It is a FREE Event. Booking is now required. EventBright link

Please feel free to wear your Caps of Liberty/Bonnets Rouge, at this event!  

These pictures were taken 

as I performed my lead song, 
"The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo
at Manchester Histories'
Peterloo Bicentennial Commemoration Launch Event 
on 06 June 2019 at Manchester Central

Also looking for other venues in which to perform 
"The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo". Contact me
Previous Performances Composite picture - below - is made up of various performances over the years at Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza.

Hover your mouse over the words - and click 
Scroll down the page for a biography and a link to exhibition photographs
A broad ranging series of installations across the town of Northwich, Cheshire
Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 - Parrots n People n Poetry 
Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 - Park to Park to Park 
World War 1 - no celebration *****
Northwich Salt & history

And in Knutsford, Cheshire 
18 October- 16 November 2014
Knutsford 'Old Town Hall' and Canute Square

And in Middlewich, Cheshire 
04-05 October 2014
Middlewich Library 

Songs and Poem-Stories - links and stuff

The links below are to various aspects of my work in song and poem-story. Enjoy! Songs
British Lifeboat men
Health and Change

Read my 'Community Centre Poster Plan for Empowerment 

A few songs of disaster and comment
The Royal Charter 1859 
MPs and expensive manure
Cranage Airmen - Defenders of Peace
Waltzing with William
Alcock and Brown
Tales of Alfie
The High Arctic
Salacious Urban Fish
SS Waratah
RMS Leinster
Our Bloody Language
Ritalin Johnnie
Lancashire's Pits
Survivor of the Wells Lifeboat Disaster
The Gander
Forgotten People
PQ-17 to Murmansk - 1942
Col-Sgt P Humphreys CGC

Protest poems and songs
Dementia and Will

When this Delightful Dawning Ends

Friends and Remembrance
The Poppy for Remembering
Joan Leach MBE
John Reginald Holmes

Poetry site - ***New uploads - 25Apr2014                                        

An eye on the void
Lapis lazuli
If I'm corrupt..
Bluer than the moon
What degree?
Time away
A degree of thought
The point
Give me jade

Animal Poems

the Chinchorro poems
Chinchorro at the shore
Chinchorro child lament
Chinchorro teaching
Leaving the ocean

the Altai poems
Apprentice to The Telling
Bronze Mirror of the Ice Maiden
Pazyryk Chief
The Magic Lake
The Wiser Man

Tillya Tepe
Destroying History in Tillya Tepe

There is no money..

Exhibition photographs

Knutsford - Aspects of The Great War - etc

A full installation of
Aspects of The Great War
The Old Town Hall
and Canute Square, Knutsford

18 October - 16 November 2014

By kind permission of Mr Henry Brooks
and Tatton Estate Management

This links to a performance of some of the songs and stories which are to be found in the Old Town Hall.
That  performance will take place at
Knutsford Heritage Centre
12 - 2pm
Saturday 08 November 2014
£8 ( £7.20 to Friends) from Knutsford Heritage Centre
01565 650 506 -
Aspects of The Great War

Five Windows in The Old Town Hall

The side window shows aspects of the end of the war
and its aftermath 

Along Top Street to
Canute Square, Knutsford
for further installations
World War 2
Side Window 

Front Window

Other Conflicts - & People

Tabley History

Child & Childhood Window

Please come to Knutsford and read.

I do hope you enjoy the stories found here. 

Your feedback would be welcome.

Into the void - in search of what?

Into the void - in search of what?

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