Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 no 2 - Park to Park to Park

Park to Park to Park
14 June 2014 to 13 July 2014
Location - Northwich

Following the successful installation last year, of my work within Verdin Park in 2013, Northwich Town Council has requested that I place work in the three town Parks this year
 they are:
Vickersway Park (also known as Roker Park)
Church Walk Park
Verdin Park

Great thanks to Northwich Town Council for allowing - and encouraging - my use of the three town parks.
These outdoor installations are of laminated work. There are also some selected pieces which are made as giveaways. I will be in the parks regularly, setting right and/or changing installations. If you see me - and I have spares on me,  I will usually offer a copy to you, as I pass. Should I forget, please ask.   

Verdin Park
Verdin Park - bench at roadside in front of park
Verdin Park - top of the hill drive - close to children's play area
Verdin Park - in the children's playground area

Church Walk Park
front gates & tree
Northwich history
Entrance to Paddling Pool
including specially written Paddling Pool poem
Romans - English - Amazon
More Romans

Vickersway Park
Two Squirrels reclaiming their park in the evening
Backing on to the allotments
The chicken area
'Reading' squirrel in children's area
Wisteria Walk 1
Wisteria Walk 2
Wisteria Walk 3
Wisteria Walk 4
Wisteria Walk 5
Wisteria Walk 6
 Wisteria Walk 7
Some of the work installed was written around the parks themselves; the rest at various times over the last 30 years.
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Disclaimer: The photographs above are my own. Any other photographs used through these exhibitions are believed to be for common use. Should you believe otherwise, please contact me. Thanks

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