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Events - past and future

Composite picture - below - is made up of various performances over the years at Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza.

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A broad ranging series of installations across the town of Northwich, Cheshire
Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 - Parrots n People n Poetry 
Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 - Park to Park to Park 
World War 1 - no celebration *****
Northwich Salt & history

And in Knutsford, Cheshire 
18 October- 16 November 2014
Knutsford 'Old Town Hall' and Canute Square

And in Middlewich, Cheshire 
04-05 October 2014
Middlewich Library 

British Lifeboat men
Health and Change

Read my 'Community Centre Poster Plan for Empowerment 

A few songs of disaster and comment
The Royal Charter 1859 
MPs and expensive manure
Cranage Airmen - Defenders of Peace
Waltzing with William
Alcock and Brown
Tales of Alfie
The High Arctic
Salacious Urban Fish
SS Waratah
RMS Leinster
Our Bloody Language
Ritalin Johnnie
Lancashire's Pits
Survivor of the Wells Lifeboat Disaster
The Gander
Forgotten People
PQ-17 to Murmansk - 1942
Col-Sgt P Humphreys CGC

Protest poems and songs
Dementia and Will

When this Delightful Dawning Ends

Friends and Remembrance
The Poppy for Remembering
Joan Leach MBE
John Reginald Holmes

Poetry site - ***New uploads - 25Apr2014                                        

An eye on the void
Lapis lazuli
If I'm corrupt..
Bluer than the moon
What degree?
Time away
A degree of thought
The point
Give me jade

Animal Poems

the Chinchorro poems
Chinchorro at the shore
Chinchorro child lament
Chinchorro teaching
Leaving the ocean

the Altai poems
Apprentice to The Telling
Bronze Mirror of the Ice Maiden
Pazyryk Chief
The Magic Lake
The Wiser Man

Tillya Tepe
Destroying History in Tillya Tepe

There is no money..

Exhibition photographs

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edinburgh accommodation

Knutsford - Aspects of The Great War - etc

A full installation of
Aspects of The Great War
The Old Town Hall
and Canute Square, Knutsford
18 October - 16 November 2014
By kind permission of Mr Henry Brooks
and Tatton Estate Management
This links to a performance of some of the songs and stories which are to be found in the Old Town Hall.
That  performance will take place at
Knutsford Heritage Centre
12 - 2pm
Saturday 08 November 2014
£8 ( £7.20 to Friends) from Knutsford Heritage Centre
01565 650 506 -
Aspects of The Great War
Five Windows in The Old Town Hall

The side window shows aspects of the end of the war
and its aftermath 

Along Top Street to
Canute Square, Knutsford
for further installations
World War 2
Side Window 
Front Window
Other Conflicts - & People
Tabley History
Child & Childhood Window
Please come to Knutsford and read.
I do hope you enjoy the stories found here. 
Your feedback would be welcome.

Middlewich Library Aspects of The Great War 04-05 October 2014

This installation took place, by agreement with Middlewich Library,  during
more information should appear at this Middlewich Heritage link

This installation moved on later to Knutsford, taking over the entire window space of the Old Town Hall, opposite the Court Building for the month 18 -October - 16 November 2014.
Further instalaltions, in Canute Square showed World War 2, Other Conflicts, The History of Tabley, People - local and distant, and Children and Childhood.

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Into the void - in search of what?

Into the void - in search of what?

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