Northwich Town Centre Installations 2014 No 1 - Parrots n People n Poetry

Parrots n People n Poetry
14 June to 13 July 2014
Northwich Town Centre

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This consists of a series of installations across Northwich town centre, in otherwise empty shop windows and market hall spaces. This is achieved with the kind help of Cheshire West and Chester Council, Colliers and Andrew Hynes.

Please Note: The shop windows displays are all open for viewing between 7am and 6pm since the centre area has shutters pulled down after 6pm

This years extensive displays are very broad ranging and include parrots in every window, to complement and cheer the written word

In Town Square there are 4 shop windows

No 4 - above - has writing about how humans spread around the world, about the Indus Civilisation in what is now Pakistan, the Chinchorro Civilisation of South America and about North American history. There is also a piece on an aspect of more modern India.

Nos 5 & 6 - above - are concerned with many animals an birds

No 9 - above - has writing around Arctic Foxes and Polar Bears, an Arctic love story about the balloonist Nils Strindberg and his love Anna Charlier - and reference to the patient Christmas Cat

On the corner of Town Square and Weaver Square -above - there is a large Guest window, which contains some of my own work and Guest work on parrots, produced by pupils of University of Chester Academy, Rudheath - and a Wall hanging produced by pupils of Witton Church Walk, C of E School

In Weaver Square there are

Nos 16-18 - show child poems and children's stories

Nos 20-22 - above -   has a Guest window which shows more child and animal poems and stories but also contains photographic and authorial work by Jane Butcher, the author of "Joel".

No 29 - above - has Aspects of World War 2 which might be less familiar.
During the convoys to Russia, the PQ 17 disaster, and aid willingly rendered by the Captain of the Murmanetz.
RAF Cranage and 96 Squadron.
HMT Scotia during the Dunkirk evacuation
Russian women fighter and bomber pilots

Nos 31-33 - above -  have Aspects of World War 1
The world before the war
The call up
The Pals Battalions
The families
The after effects

In Market Way there is one shop
The Seagull

No 6 - This is another Guest shop, its front window being largely taken up by an enormous flying Seagull, made by the pupils of Witton Church Walk C of E School. Otherwise there are poem-stories about the Romans in Britain, animals, birds etc

Its side window shows "The Lady of The Lord of Household Tai"

Please Note: The two markets are open for viewing during the daytime on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Indoor Market - Display backing onto the Shop at No 6 Market Way

This shows more aspects and pictures of World War 1
Also Aspects of the British Empire in India, with the story of the family caught in the Siege of Fort Gulistan, Kohat, in the Samana Range

The small window just round the corner shows a story about the vagaries of life in Calcutta.

The Covered Market display shows a large range of song-stories about Lifeboat heroes.

These will follow shortly - just as soon as I can get back to take the pictures
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